3 Axes (R Manual) CNC Press Brake

3 Axes (R Manual) CNC Press Brake
3 Axes (R Manual) CNC Press Brake
Product Description
Our 3 axes (R manual) CNC press brake has good electronic and mechanical features. This machine helps to increase your productivity, and offers cost benefits. Also, there are user-friendly CNC controller, simple operation and low-cost hydraulic maintenance. This machine meets your production need, regarding sensitive, complicated, single or multiple bends. Also, it offers high speed and good control. The 3-Axes CNC Press Brake is designed for impressive bending solution. It offers required flexibility and easy adjustment to meet your specific requirements. 

  • Perfect configuration for precise bending works
  • Economic and productive solution
  • Offer deep, full-sized bends 
  • CNC controlled, and durable built  
  • Ease of installation & training  


  • Bending force: 40 Ten to 600 Ton 
  • Bending length: 1270 mm to 6100 mm
  • 3 axis: Y1,Y2, X / standard
  • Manual crowning: Standard (220 ten, or above)
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